Saturday, June 20, 2009

Its been awhile...

Hey guys. Its been awhile, huh? I have absolutely NO excuses for not updating this blog. I mean, I can think of a few...but I do generally feel guilty about the lack of amazing, exciting, dramatic, awe-inspiring stories posted of late (Ok, of ever). While I promise that none of the previously mentioned adjectives will apply to this update...I will let you in on what I've been up to for the last month or two.

May started with a little weekend adventure to eastern Albania. (If you have your atlas handy, Pogradec and Korca) I went on the Matura trip (translation: Senior trip) with the high school students. Traditionally, only seniors go on this trip, but since we only have, like, 15 seniors, the whole high school was invited. About 35 students, 3 teachers, 2 fiances (2 late 20's guys engaged to 2 of my 18 year old students. CREEPY. ) and one peace corps volunteer set off early one Saturday morning on quite the ambitious trip. We spent a total of 27 hours on the bus and 24 hours 'vacationing.' It was a disaster from my point of view, because...well, I'm American and like 'order' and 'plans,' but the kids had fun and I had fun hanging out with them.

The next weekend I took a small group of students back east for Outdoor Ambassador Camp. We had a blast. Outdoor Ambassadors is our after-school environmental club. The camp was wonderful, we played games, did some rock climbing, a ropes course, trust falls...the whole shebang. My kids got to meet and make friends from all over the country, which was fantastic. Despite the stress of coordinating the travel and the parents and my grumpy school director (who, seriously, called while we were en route to inform us that he was calling the police on me for kidnapping! The situation was quickly resolved, btw. I'm still a free woman) OA camp was for sure a highlight of my service thus far.

I have been travelling non-stop it seems, and was up in Tirana the next weekend for what I thought would be a nice break. At least I was travelling without kids, you know? I was up for my mid-service doctor/dentist appt. (No cavities!) but had to cut my weekend short when I was informe that I was giving a presentation to the new trainees in Elbasan at the last minute. Although I was kind of bummed that I had to leave Tirana early, it was good to meet some of the new PC faces and share a bit of my 'expertise.'

That about flushes out May. This is getting long, so we'll save June for next time. Stay tuned for Meghan goes to Romania, alternatively titled: Meghan looses all her money and is sold into white slavery.

I'm only half joking.